How to Respond to a Crisis

In the middle of a natural disaster, war, or pandemic, everything changes. It’s hard to hold on to hope – but your church can be a light in the darkness.

30 minutes 6 videos

You can never predict when a crisis will strike your community.

Help your church be prepared to effectively meet needs in the aftermath of a crisis.


  • Coy Webb


What is a crisis event? How should we respond? What strategic actions are required to meet the needs of those affected by natural and human-made disasters? Learn how you can respond by:

  • Preparing for a crisis response
  • Volunteering at the right time
  • Meeting specific needs by donating needed supplies
  • Providing ministry after violence-related events
  • Giving monetary donations through reputable and established relief agencies
  • Sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with those grieving and hurting
  • And more

This course is available with closed captioning and resources in Spanish.