How to Care for Refugees

The number of displaced people has more than doubled in the last 10 years. Every day, refugees are forced to leave everything behind to find safety, opportunity, and a new place to call home. The church is called to care for our new neighbors.

35 minutes 6 videos

God is bringing the nations to us – are you ready to welcome them?

We can help your church reach the nations in your own backyard.


  • John Barnett


War, famine, persecution, racism, human trafficking, natural disasters, and forced migration have left millions of people displaced. During this global crises, God has opened pathways for believers to respond to needs, share the gospel, build community and plant churches.

This course will help you and your church:

  • Examine the biblical basis for the care of refugees
  • Develop Welcome Teams to walk alongside refugee families
  • Create a gospel community through sacrificial living
  • Incorporate the gifts of your church members to serve refugee families
  • Build relationships through sacrificial living
  • And more

Courses are available with closed captioning and resources in Spanish.