How to Establish a Local Ministry

Meeting needs and changing lives happens in the context of a local community. So, how do you establish a local ministry and serve vulnerable populations in your community? 

45 minutes 8 videos

God has called us to serve the vulnerable.

Learn how to build a compassion ministry.


  • Kat Halse


We often misunderstand the role God has called us to play in serving the broken and vulnerable around us. We believe only a gifted few can answer the call to minister to the most vulnerable. But as Jesus followers, we all have the charge to be obedient and to be like Him. You can meet needs and change lives in your community.  

This course will help you understand: 

  • The calling and where to start in establishing a local ministry 
  • How to build relationships with vulnerable populations 
  • How to assess your city and target community 
  • Why reconciliation is the goal of a local ministry 
  • Why a holistic approach is essential for a healthy, sustainable ministry 
  • And more

Courses are available with closed captioning and resources in Spanish.